Gender equality and non-discrimination due to ancestry, religion, physical ability, age and sexual orientation are duties of the Polish state which were enshrined into the Polish constitution and are part of many international non-discrimination treaties. How the state and society treat minorities and how they respect their rights can be viewed as a litmus test for a functioning democracy. A cultural diversity is a great feature and a challenge as well due to possibility of misunderstanding which can lead to a conflict. Prejudice and discrimination are born out of ignorance and fear of “the unknown.” Acceptance, curiosity and openness to diversity are traits we want to instill into society from the very young age through working closely with schools and NGOs.


1. Organizing and conducting:

  • Workshops on intercultural education, global education, human rights education and antidiscrimination education for children, youth and adults
  • Live Library Gdańsk
  • Night of Temples in Gdańsk
  • Conference “Equality Education. Challenges-Needs-Opportunities”
  • Movies for Tolerance
  • International workshops for people involved with youth

2. Supporting democratization of the CEE countries

3. Expanding international cooperation in the area of non-discrimination