On the 14th of May 2016, in cooperation with TOLERADO Association for LGBT people, as a part of the Trójmiasto Equality Days, we organised our first Human Library in the shopping centre in Poland. From morning to evening hours it was possible to speak to selected Human Books in the Riviera Shopping Centre in Gdynia. This time you could find titles on the shelf such as: Belarusian, Homosexual, Indian, Colombian, Mother whose child has Tourette’s syndrome, Homosexual’s mother, Muslim, Asexual person, Bisexual person, Dark-skinned person, Deafblind person (Irek), Disabled wheelchair user, Lesbian couple, Deafblind interpreter, Gypsy, Russian, Senior, Ukrainian. Human Books were lent 68 times by 85 readers. Readers of the day lent up to 8 Human Books. The most popular were Asexual person and Dark-skinned person with a lending record of up to 7 times.