“Be-Healthy-Europe” is a project aimed at promoting cooperation, exchanging experiences and good practices in using sport in work with young people and involving them in sports activities as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

Between 15-24 June 2016, 25 people working with youth in Poland, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Macedonia and Ukraine met in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine, in the town of Slavske, approx. 120 km from Lviv to exchange experiences and develop ideas for using sport in work with youth.

During the training, we learned the games and activities that we use in everyday work with young people, we practiced yoga, we organized an expedition to the mountains and a table tennis tournament. We discussed the benefits of using sports during projects as well as the organizing competitions and meetings involving all people interested regardless of their education, profession, origin, culture, language skills or health condition.

Workshops on the importance and perception of sports in various cultures were an important part of the meeting. We learned that football in Spain is more important than politics and elections, 20-minute walk can be considered a long one, sauna can be an unknown place, and a bicycle is not means of transportation but recreation.

The workshops on risk management and safety in sports activities turned out to be equally important. We looked for the best ways to create a comfortable, friendly and safe space for competitions, games and sports activities.

Slavske welcomed us with spring weather and sun, rain, wind and hail in turns. We conducted outdoor and indoor classes, adapted the program to the weather conditions and responded to the risks associated with it.

The project was an opportunity to strengthen cooperation and establish new contacts with partners and conversations about future joint activities.

The established contacts will result in a greater number of youth sports projects.

The result of the project is the pamphlet “Sport in the work with youth” (download) prepared by the participants.

We encourage you to read and use the games that are described there!


Project partners:

  • Green Cross Society, Ukraine

  • Zdruzenie Mladniski Sovet Bosilovo, Macedonia

  • Centro di Servızı Culturali U.N.L.A., Italy

  • Integration För Alla, Sweden

  • ValdeSport, Hiszpania

The project, under Erasmus+ Program, was funded with support from the European Union