Discover unknown – buildings, communities, religions – and take part in the II Long Night of the Temples in Gdańsk. Join the celebrations of the European Day Against Religious Intolerance and Islamophobia, the International Day of Peace and the Day of Prayer for Peace and discover the temples and places of prayer of Jews, Christians and Muslims in Gdańsk.

The evening of September 22nd was an opportunity to visit a synagogue, mosque, Polish Catholic Church and others. The communities participating in the event prepared lectures, discussions, concerts, dance workshops, and even a barbecue party to which all interested in the conversation and meeting were invited – believers and non-believers, interested in religion and interesting architecture and history. Together with a guide, who was often also a clergyman, it was possible to get to know various religions present in Gdańsk, visit unusual buildings, and talk freely with members of religious communities, asking questions that we do not have the opportunity to ask on daily basis

By emphasizing the diversity of the city, we create a space in which everyone feels like a citizen regardless of their religion

More information about the event on the Night of the Temples website Nocy Świątyń

The project was co-funded by the City of Gdańsk