‘Strenght through solidarity’ project (pl. ‘W solidarności siła’) is an intercontinental partnership initiated in Gdańsk city.

It has been created to work out universal model of support for local community workers from four continents:

  • Europe (Belgium, Germany, Poland)
  • Asia (India, Thailand)
  • Africa (Uganda)
  • South America (Brasil)

Project is addressed to grassroots social innovators and activists, people who act in favor of adolescents especially from the groups at risk of social exclusion (people with disabilities, living in less popular districts of the city or affected by violence etc.).

The purpose was to bring together and increase activists’ abilities to make changes in their own communities. Through number of educational initiatives such as stationary and online trainings, web portal, internships and study visits, participants improved their skills in the area of:

  • effective communication tools (including cross-cultural communication) and public relations,
  • provision of financial resources,
  • human resources recognition and HR management,
  • peer to peer and informal education (especially with regards to creating web content),
  • application of indirect lobbying instruments

Whole program has been realized based on informal education rules to enable participants making effective project implementations for their target groups, sharing best practices with colleagues from Poland, Europe and other part of the world.

Result of the project is ‘Network of change’ learning platform created by international team of teen workers and activists who aim for reinforcement of marginalized communities in Poland, India, Australia, Belgium, Thailand, Germany, Uganda, Serbia and Brasil.

On this platform, among others, free online courses are available:

Awareness in the area of disabilities

  • How to obtain funding for your social project?
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Make a change: Advocacy – effective tool for making positive social change
  • Mutual support
  • Volunteering: CHANGE Yourself – CHANGE others,
  • Reinforcement of you and your community
  • Development of e-learning data

This project has been realized with financial assistance of European Commission.

Project or publication reflect their author point of view only and European Commission is not responsible for the content.