We will constantly meet a new Other(…), we shall seek dialogue with them and understanding. The experience of spending years surrounded by further Others teach me that only kindness to another being is the basis that can struck a chord of humanity.

“That Other” (Ten Inny) by Ryszard Kapuściński

Foundation IRSE (Institute for Social and Economic Balance), in cooperation with Regional Centre of International Debate in Gdańsk and Europe Direct – Gdańsk, the European Information Centre, organised a simulation game “My journey” in search of a dialogue and understanding the Others (people that decided to leave their country). For three days of November participants from Gdańsk had an opportunity of getting to know experiences and emotions accompanying every emigrant who looks for safety and shelter in different countries.         For couple of hours “they lived the lives of the Others”, getting to know their concerns, motivations, decision-making, looking for safety and sharing their journey troubles.       Workshops were a good opportunity to get to know the situation of refugees and immigrants, discuss migration reasons and situation in countries whose residents decide to leave. We tried to answer the questions such as: How would I behave facing danger? What does impact my decisions? Who can help me in my journey? How would I behave in a new country? Workshops were also a good opportunity to talk with people that share the experience of migration. Everything took place at the 90B shipbuilding hall that was specifically adapted to the game. There were sounds, scenography and immigrants taking on role of policemen, smugglers and border guards.

We managed to include the summary of the game in the video: (link)

Game scenario to download (link)

Workshops took place at the Global Education Week.

We would like to thank Drewnica Development for the support.

The project is co-funded by the Polish Development Cooperation programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.