Under the project “The school of diversity”, we invite schools of Gdańsk to take part in workshops concerning interculturality conducted within the implementation of educational mission which are carried out through educational campaign “Gdańsk unites us”. Workshops are carried out on the basis of active education methods. They aim to increase student knowledge about interculturality, migration, stereotypes, prejudice and its consequences, as well as the rise of engagement to counteract discrimination. The participation in the project will strengthen action of schools in the field of preventive and educational activities. Workshops are conducted in cooperation with the Immigrants Council through the office of the Mayor of the City Gdańsk.


  1. History of Migration

During the workshop students will learn about Polish emigration history following the November Uprising, the Great Emigration, Polish refugees of second World War, solidarity emigration. They will also learn to indicate migration reasons in the global context referring to contemporary events.

  1. Intercultural communication

The workshop that helps to understand the impact of culture on perception of the same phenomenon and understanding the same concepts. During the class students will understand difficulties and challenges that immigrants face and their development opportunities in the new society. They will get to know culture of a selected country and will be able to indicate similarities and differences with Polish culture.

  1. Diversity value

The workshop that brings diversity concept closer and sets out the meaning and value, both inside the local environment, such as schools, and the whole community. During the workshop students will understand the impact of stereotypes on perception of other people as well as they will learn to notice and respect personal attributes of every person.

  1. Refugees

The aim of this workshop is to deliver the knowledge concerning refugee situation in Europe and in the world. Students will get to know the differences between an immigrant and a refugee (including the differences regarding the international protection) and will verify and deepen the knowledge regarding the causes of exile. The workshop aims to enhance the empathy towards the people that must leave their home and look for shelter in a different country.

The workshop will be presented based on documentary called “My escape” at secondary schools.

  1. How to speak and not discriminate

The workshop aims to develop critical thinking. Students will understand the consequences of providing information one-sidedly and learn the source of stereotypes.

At secondary schools, they will learn the mechanisms of creating fake news and ways to verify them.